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Real-life practice when teaching children how to solve puzzles

The researchers suggest that interactive virtual puzzles can engage children and enhance their learning in a way that passive video learning can’t.

Real-life practice when teaching children how to solve puzzles

  • Study shows children practising a tablet puzzle can apply these skills in real life
  • Learning on a touchscreen may be as effective as learning skills physically
  • Experts suggest puzzles on a tablet engage children more than video learning
  • Read more: DailyMail.co.uk

    7 Health Benefits of Word Puzzles

    There are numerous health benefits of word puzzles since they keep your brain sharp and engaged.

    i Word Lines Puzzle Game

    1. Prevent Dementia
    Puzzles in general are great for keeping your brain sharp as you age.

    2. Improve Verbal Skills
    Research has shown that doing daily crossword puzzles benefits your verbal skills.

    3. Practice Problem Solving
    Crosswords are a fantastic way to practice problem solving.

    4. Learn to See Patterns
    People love to find patterns.

    5. Relieve your daily stress
    Spending a few minutes each day doing an activity that takes you completely out of your daily stresses is a form of meditation.

    6. Satisfaction with results.
    You’ve used your skills successfully to solve a problem.

    7. Fun
    This may be the best reason to play i Word Lines Puzzle Game.